The most common mistake in advertising:

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The most common mistake in advertising:

Picture yourself as an ordinary person coming home and wanting to access social media. You come home and you’ve started scrolling through your news feed. Your brain is turned off and the last thing that you want to do is think about every post.

People say on Facebook and Instagram doing just this as they would with TV. When advertisement breaks into a newsfeed with a message like “Our new coat is the best!” it’s very likely that they’re going to scroll right through this advertising.

That is part of your advertising budget down the drain.

Imagine your announcement begins with “Are you happy with the weather? Have you been freezing for days?” this is much more engaging to start with and it’s likely that the person that scrolling has thought more on the way that they been feeling the past few days. This engagement ensures that the advertiser has already won a small victory. Scrolling down the advertisement or waiting for more of the video to load could have the advertiser sharing a message like “Our newest coat is our warmest design ever” Or “We have a new collection here to keep you warm”

These are posts that don’t just showcase a product but engage the user as well. You haven’t just boasted about your new product, but you’ve explained why it’s beneficial to buy it.

With any type of advertising it’s important to paint this picture and create an emotional response from the reader. The idea of self praise is only going to waste your advertising budget, letting logic and emotion into your advertising is one of the best ways to succeed.

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