Is Web Design and Web Development the Same?

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We often get requests for web design, however, some clients already expect that the web development service would already be included, as they are not aware that design and development are completely different services. Though they are both essential for businesses who want to build a strong positive online presence, these two roles are not the same. However, they work closely together in order to create a website that follows the latest trends, programs, and innovations in the niche of the business that owns the website.

Web Design

Web design refers to the aesthetic and usability aspect of the website that showcases visual elements. This is basically what a website visitor sees, so it must be appealing and understandable. The web designers ensure that at first glance, the website captures audience attention. The design process begins with considering the client’s website objectives, then comes the plan, and finally, the design stage. The design stage begins with our designers drawing the visuals of the website on the app called Figma, we visualize the website, the client can then click and see the mock of the website, and if there are any comments or suggestions, their entire team can comment on each element.

Web Development

While Web design revolves around the design part, Web development on the other hand, focuses on the programming of the website. After the design and the visuals created in Figma are approved, we will now move on to the implementation stage – web development. We will take the design created and build a fully functioning website out of it. So, web development is basically the behind-the-scenes programming that makes the entire website work. While the website designer creates the button on a page, the website developer is the one that ensures that something happens once the button is clicked.

Does My Business Need Website Design & Development?

Web design and Web development has tremendously changed the business industry. Business owners should ensure that their website is always updated and is fully- functioning. If youre planning on boosting your online presence which can help in growing your business, one of the best decisions you can make is to get a website upgrade (if you have an existing website) or get a website designed and developed for you.

Almost all businesses nowadays choose to have a custom website designed and developed for them because a business gains more ROI, attracts lifetime clients, ranks higher on SEO, etc. with a well-designed and developed website. So, to answer your question, “Does my business need Web Design & Development?” – YES.

With a responsive, well-functioning website that has search engine optimization and state of the art website design, your business will be above competition, stay relevant to your audience, and get you the results you want. If you’re looking to get a website designed and developed for your business, look no further. We can help with your website design and development. Book a consultation today at zero-cost.