The boost post button on Facebook: Why it’s a bad idea?

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The boost post button on Facebook: Why it’s a bad idea?

The Facebook boost button is one of the largest mistakes that business owners today are making when it comes to their Facebook advertisements.

Through my work with medium and small businesses throughout the years, I’ve observed a number of these mistakes. What’s remarkable about a number of these mistakes is that marketing executives hired by these companies are often the ones initiating the solutions. Boosting posts on Facebook and Instagram can bring likes and maybe a view, but it’s most unlikely will generate leads deliver ROI for the business.The boost post button on Facebook: Why it’s a bad idea?

In one consultation that I was in recently, I had a client suggest that for three years they been advertising on Facebook and they received zero leads. When I asked to provide me with the access to the Facebook Ads Manager, they looked at me completely astonished. It seemed as though they were investing into advertisements without even knowing what they are doing!

It’s my goal to explain some of these ideas for beginners in my next blog what is Facebook Ads Manager.

Here are some of the top reasons why boosting posts is a bad investment for your company:

You Campaign objective might be wrong:

The boost button on Facebook comes with default objectives like post-engagement, likes, shares, views etc. If it’s your overall goal to acquire more sales or inquiries related to your website or product you are selling, you will need to be allocating your advertising budget towards those objectives. More views or likes won’t lead to more sales or generate leads.

Ad targeting can be limited:

The boost post button does have some incredible targeting abilities with the demand from marketing officials. You can target extremely specific audiences just as you would through the Facebook advertising manager. If you’re interested in fully harnessing the power of Facebook, you’ll need to use this targeting to improve your advertising budget. With extra options and the ability to quickly duplicate your advertising, you More placements and affect more audiences. The boost post button simply can’t compete with the Facebook advertising manager.

You can’t target devices by type:

You won’t be able to target android or iPhone’s using post boost. You also won’t be able to choose an audience for network for publishing instant articles. The post boost also doesn’t allow you to select advertising boost in the marketplace or right column features. If you started to notice that your advertisements work better on a specific platform, it’s much easier to allocate your budget towards mobile advertising and even mobile advertising on specific devices. This isn’t something you can do on your post boosts.

You simply can’t run a strategic marketing campaign:

Boosting a post is something that doesn’t focus on analytics, it requires extensively last effort and thought than any other form of advertising on Facebook. You can do it in minutes but it’s very unlikely you will get results, want to learn more? Get in touch with