Video Production

Incorporating video-based content to your marketing strategy is not difficult and even affordable than you may think of.

Add a video content to your product to improve your sales presentations, enhance a strong customer reviews and case studies, engage more people at tradeshows, assist in clients and staff training, run ad and marketing campaigns, facilitate sales material collateral, provide interesting product/services presentations, and improve corporate branding. Depending on your sales, corporate, and marketing aims, we can be in charge of this whole project.

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Video marketing for international companies. Think you can not support marketing. With our experts, we can value any budget. We can produce professional quality video Production will be a success for the future. We strongly believe that you’re not afraid of it. audience. It has been a great deal. If you are interested in making it, you can help. We can get you started. You can continue to talk to your audience!

Video production packages

Brand Video with Stock video Footage
  • 1080P TRUE HD
  • Script
  • Professional Voice-over
  • Full Copy Rights
  • 30 Seconds (75 word script and voice-over)
  • NO Special effects. Laying Text layers over stock footage
  650 AED
White Board Videos
  • Full color
  • 1080p TRUE HD
  • Script
  • Professional Voice-over
  • Full Copy Rights
  • 30 Seconds (75 word script and voice-over)
  • Custom Characters are extra *
  800 AED
Video effects
  • 1080P TRUE HD
  • Script
  • Professional Voice-over
  •  Full Copy Rights
  • 30 Seconds (75 word script and voice-over)
  • Sound effects, animation, graphics, etc.
950 AED

ALL voice-overs are regular American Accent / Style – male or female. Any other accents / styles are extra.

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Video news content : If you need a video page for you. It is a great idea to have presenters. It’s your choice. It can be yours? It would be your choice. Key points, you can choose your own branding, presenter available in any languages. Get you feel and look. It can be used as a guideline for business. If you’re a little bit different, you’re interested in making it. If you are interested, please contact us today. Get in touch
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