Company Formation and Turnkey Business Solutions

Startup-n-marketing (SnM) provides a turnkey business solution to organizations and investors looking to establish a company in the UAE. Our offering is simple: we help you set up a business in the Emirates, handling every step of the process and saving you time and money. This includes applying for permits and licenses, securing an optimal business location, starting the visa and residency application process, overseeing staffing and human resource management, and providing general support. 

To get things done quickly and effectively, we leverage a team of professionals with years of experience in company formation, finance, local/intercontinental banking, as well as extensive knowledge of international business law. SnM can be best described as a one-stop-shop for business startup and development in the Middle East, and we help investors remove the stress and uncertainty that typically comes with starting up in a new territory. 

Here is a quick summary of our services: 

  • Free zone company formation
  • Mainland company formation
  • Open corporate (and personal) bank accounts at major UAE banks
  • Secure UAE residency for clients, their employees, and their families
  • HR management for your local business
  • Business consulting and business administration support
  • Tax domicile certificate 
  • Food and Beverage (F&B) product registration 
  • Cosmetics product registration
  • Geomarketing and commercial real estate solution
  1. We help clients find locations that are ideal for their business sector
  2. SnM owns a proprietary geomarketing software that analyzes the viability of commercial locations
  3. SnM also maintains a database of the most suitable commercial locations in the UAE
  4. We have a direct connection with landlords and mall managers, allowing us to secure more-favorable terms for our clients .

Are you ready to transform your business?