Our innovative approach to SEO guarantees that your Business will be on the first page of Google within 90 days!

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There is no one-size-fits-all solution to SEO which is why our process begins with a personalised consultation with your dedicated digital marketing expert. This includes:

  • In-depth industry and competitor research
  • Development and implementation of your personalised, results-driven digital marketing strategy
  • Real-time monitoring, management and adjustment of digital campaigns
  • Access to supportive add-ons that accelerate your results, such as video marketing or redesigning your website
  • Monthly reporting for analytics, lead capture, growth, and ROI
  • Reevaluate your strategies on a monthly basis by identifying ways to take things to the next level
  • Adjust campaigns for seasonal promotions and goals, and to keep in line with our current budget
  • And more!

We are so confident in our ability to accelerate your digital outcomes that we guarantee your business will be on the first page of Google in 90 days or less!

If you’ve tried digital marketing in the past with no results, the Startup-n-Marketing guarantee gives you the peace of mind that your digital budget will deliver results!

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Do I really need SEO? How does SEO help grow my business?​

Search engine optimization is complex, and strategies vary greatly depending on your industry, target audience, and business objectives. Rest assured that you are in good hands! Your digital account manager will work on your behalf to:
  • Create a personalised digital strategy to ensure you are always one step ahead of your competition
  • Determine where your target audience is looking for you online and make sure you are easy to be found
  • Leverage keywords to ensure your business comes up first in search results
  • Optmise your website, content, and marketing material for maximum ROI
  • Utilize the latest digital strategies to deliver rapid results
  • Curate content to develop your digital brand and establish you as an industry authority
  • And more!

Why is SEO so important?

Having a website and a few social media accounts is not enough to drive targeted traffic to your website. You need your online messaging to be cohesive and consistent and to instantly generate trust. You need your digital strategies to make you stand out from your competition—which is what our SEO experts specialize in!

You have around 8 seconds to gain the trust of first-time website visitors. Without a cohesive digital strategy, they won’t get past the first page on your website.

We do more than just infuse your website with keywords but develop and improve your digital branding—the look, the feel, style, and tone.

By balancing the technical side of SEO with the human side of successful engagement we increase your leads by 3 times or more within the first 90 days!

Startup N Marketing Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, PPC

Leave the SEO to your digital account manager and get back to building your business!

Many of our customers have tried to do SEO their in-house, but since SEO is in constant flux it’s simply too hard to keep up with.

It’s our job to stay on top of the most recent trends so leave the SEO to us!

Aside from our 90-day guarantee, we offer a free website audit that details your greatest areas of opportunity. That’s right, we will share what isn’t working before we even get started!

With our 1st page of Google in 90 days guarantee, you have nothing to lose!

Results speak louder than words!
Here are some of the recent results we’ve generated for our happy clients!

Startup-n-Marketing’s proprietary digital strategies guarantee results! In 90 days, we will transform your business by delivering quality online leads!

* 90 days guarantee depending on your niche, e- commerce websites, is not included in this offer.