Guide to opening a company in Dubai

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If you are planning on expanding your company worldwide and you have seen some of the latest reports on the opportunities available in Dubai and the UAE, you may be interested to know what is involved with the process of opening up a company in Dubai. Here is a quick guide on how you can get started with expanding your location:

Choosing a sponsor: working with a local sponsor can really open doors for you and create new business opportunities in Dubai. UAE national companies can take 51% of the stake in your company and then coordinate the process of getting it off the ground. This is the easiest way to work with the authorities and really scale your business quickly.

Free zone: By locating your business and one of the free zones is possible to experience some advantages like a chance for 100% ownership, duty-free customs boundaries as well as a speedy startup process for your physical retail location.

Checking visas: in order for a startup to begin, you need to meet all applicable visa eligibility and requirements. You and your employees have to have an applicable visa to live in the UAE as well as run your business. Business applications in Dubai, visa information passport information is readily available online but be sure that you apply for a visa even if you plan on investing in a business on your trip.

Registration agents: working with a consultant or registration agent can really speed up the process of building your business in its early stages. Hiring a business advisory firm or a professional to register your company will help you itemize business and startup costs while making sure that you are adhering to all of the applicable regulations required for your business.

Consider some of these top tips when you are working to get a business started in Dubai.