Four Reasons You Cannot Miss the Biggest Food Exhibition in the World

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From the 19th to the 23rd of February, 2024, the Dubai World Trade Centre will receive food enthusiasts from across the globe. The event is Gulfood 2024 and so far, over 5000 exhibitors from 120+ countries have signed up to attend this unmissable culinary showcase. If you offer services around food and beverage –  whether you are a distributor or wholesaler, supplier, retailer, chef, food influencer, or thought leader – this is your opportunity to meet the people behind the biggest food brands in the world. Discover the latest trends in the industry, learn about groundbreaking products, and network with key players in the sector. 

Gulfood is the event of the year, and it offers a unique chance to outsiders looking to stake a claim to the global food value chain. If you’re still unsure about registering, here are four things you could be missing out on: 

  • Tasting sessions with Michelin-starred celebrity chefs

Gulfood 2024 is bringing back the highly revered Top Table, a food exhibition that features a star-studded lineup of chefs and cuisine connoisseurs. These specialists will captivate the audience with a showcase of the latest culinary trends, as well as tested and trusted techniques that have taken a legendary place in today’s dynamic and fast-changing environment. 

Guests will enjoy live cooking presentations, tasting sessions, and exclusive opportunities to ask questions from michelin-starred chefs and executives of some of the biggest restaurants in the world. This is a unique avenue to not only learn and experience distinct and sophisticated tastes, but to do it while engaging in interactive, insightful and personalised discourse with fellow enthusiasts.

  • The young chef competition

This year’s Gulfood will also feature a career-shaping competition for promising chefs looking to make a name in the industry. Finalists from the YouthX Young Chef Challenge will be vying for the grand prize in Dubai, and teams from six leading hotels from across the world will get 60 minutes to prepare a 3-course meal using ingredients that have been sustainably sourced. The winning team gets a one-week internship at L’Arpège in Paris under the distinguished Alain Passard (3 Michelin stars) amongst other prizes. 

  • Game-changing workshops with thought leaders

Another unmissable part of the Gulfood exhibition is the series of workshops planned for attendees. From discussions on how food professionals can maximise their brand and expand operations, to preventing food loss/waste, and some essential tips for importers who want to succeed in the UAE market. These workshops will also make it possible to network and close deals with decision-makers from leading F&B companies from across the world.

  • “Dubai World Cuisine”

The Dubai World Cuisine event provides an opportunity for local chefs to showcase their work and contribute to shaping the cultural identity of the city. This will involve masterclasses during Gulfood with Michelin-starred chefs based in Dubai, along with dinner collaborations across the city in the evenings. Dubai’s goal is to become the next food capital in the world, and significant effort is being invested into this pursuit by the government and private sector stakeholders. 

In summary, February 19th to 23rd promises to be an transformative exhibition of the best the food industry has to offer. If you’re looking to make your mark in the global culinary scene, then there’s no reason to miss one of the biggest events of the year. Everyone who’s anyone will be there, and the networking opportunities alone could be career-defining. Most importantly, however, Dubai is looking to become a major player in the food scene, and with a large population of expats and residents with significant disposable income, it is well on its way. 

If you’re involved in the food business and are looking to tap into this market, we’ve created a guide to help you along – click this link to learn everything you need to know about importing packaged food into the UAE. For those who would like personalised advice, click here to request a call and speak with one of our Dubai business development specialists.