How to master the Facebook pixel like a pro:

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How to master the Facebook pixel like a pro

Of the many tools that Facebook has created, Facebook pixel is one of the most impressive in recent memory. Pixel allows you to monitor the success of every Facebook add and it can give you access to improved conversion stats. Monitoring your traffic like never before is now possible thanks to Pixel and its additions.

In order to maximize your use of Facebook pixel, you’ll have to first install the script for your website or a landing page. Facebook Pixel Helper is an excellent way to configure the tools after you have pixel integrated for your website.

Installing Pixel for your business:

To install Pixel for your business, you will have to install Facebook’s tracking pixel on website. You can find Pixel setup from the Pixel page on the ad manager. Clicking the, Finish setting up Pixel can help guide you through the installation process for pixel on your website. Using the traditional manual installation, you can get the tracking pixel set up and implemented.

What is Pixel Helper?

Facebook pixel helper can help you access a custom audience. You can create event invites as well as create audiences that you can use for marketing campaigns throughout your page. The Facebook Pixel helper can help you to view content on your page the way that it was access as well as begin new campaigns for each audience that you create.

Pixel Helper is an easy to install chrome plug-in and as long as you have Facebook Pixel preinstalled on your website, you’ll be able to access all of the tools that helper has to offer. With the campaign assistance you can access through Facebook Pixel Helper, you will be ready to take on new marketing campaigns much more effectively on Facebook.

Why do you need the Facebook pixel?

Facebook Pixel can give you a number of powerful tools for your website. If you are not currently using it, you could be missing out on some of these top tracking options and audience building perks:

  • Tracking conversions: tracking conversions on newsletter sign-ups or your purchases can deliver instant conversion rates in a visual format.
  • True revenue reporting: Installing Google pixel in your shopify account can give you access to return on ad spending data.
  • Sales funnel analysis: You can analyse the sales funnel from the process of capturing leads, to time spent on page to your and purchase. You can take a look at that types of cards that were used most often, the number of times that a customer checks out and the number purchases that they typically make.
  • Access levels for audience: You can have several versions of your website to suit custom audiences for the purpose of retargeting.
  • Audience tracking: You can create more custom audiences for your leads and purchases. This can help you save money and reduce the chance that your audience will be inundated with advertising from your company.
  • Optimization: optimizing for clicks can help to improve your conversion rate and this can help save money on your marketing budget.
  • Its free to use: these tools are all completely free to use and can help save you countless dollars on your marketing budget.

If you’re interested in getting started with the Facebook Pixel and you want to make the most out of these tools, be sure to install Pixel today and start using Pixel helper. Need help calibrating your Facebook Pixel? Contact us today to learn more.