Outsourcing marketing services

This involves the creation of a marketing department within your business at a touch of a button, but at a fraction of the cost.

The major benefits of Outsourcing Marketing are:

⦁ The adoption of professional group of marketers
⦁ Reduced cost ( big salaries, tickets, and insurance eliminated)
⦁ Marketing Director not needed
⦁ General orientation of latest and updated digital strategies
⦁ The continual marketing discipline
⦁ New and Fresh ideas
⦁ External assessment of your products and services

We are committed towards providing our customers with an honest and reliable method of improving their digital marketing.

We carefully develop our media buying and planning services with ROI in mind. There are lots of experiences to guide our customers through several media opportunities and technical developments that are latest and up-to-date. Being your media partner, we will create and undertake a media technique that does not only meet your aims but also enhances your media commitments. Regardless of your campaign strategy (brand or direct response), we will create innovations all through the digital and offline media by using social media, real-life display, mobile, and emails and combine them, if needed, to make sure that you acquire the integrated campaign you long for.

Surely, there are lots of benefits you will derive from our established media relationship and market analysis, committed towards lowering the cost of your digital media purchases. We also uphold transparency with no hidden charges or unforeseen expenses on the services we offer.

Google Marketing – Pay Per Click Services

Another interesting platform  of  getting more enquiries about your business, increase your website traffic, and also increase your profits and turnover is the usage of Google Adwords.

By using Google Adwords, you will only pay when a visitor clicks on your advert.We will develop all your adverts and make sure that it is ranked at the top position on Google search engine to get the maximum outcome.

It is necessary to note that Google works in a very unique and complex way to make sure that quality adverts are delivered for every relevant inquiries being made. Therefore, there are several aspects to consider in order to ensure that you are properly ranked and we will ensure that your website design and Google Ads align to yield the maximum.

So What Can We Do ?

⦁ Design Google ads campaigns for you
⦁ Launch your ads
⦁ Test and verify your ads
⦁ Monitoring your ads’ performance
⦁ Reduce your cost and increase your results
⦁ Generate keywords for you
⦁ Determine your negative keywords

Results with Startup-n-marketing

⦁ We aim at giving you a Top-3 position
⦁ Increase your Google quality score
⦁ Increase your website visitors
⦁ Increase enquiries from customers
⦁ Increase returns from your website
⦁ ….at the best price you can ever imagine

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