How to Start an Import and Export Business in Dubai, UAE

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Import and Export businesses are currently prevalent in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as trading is a highly competitive industry. This is because this industry caters to the high demand and supply of the goods and commodities across jurisdictions as well as countries. Import is when a good or commodity that was produced in another country is brought to the UAE. On the other hand, Export is when goods or commodities produced in the UAE are sold to customers or businesses in another country. This exchange of goods or commodities is also known as International Trade.

UAE’s stable trade relation with many countries across the world provides entrepreneurs and investors a lot of growth opportunities for their business. This is why a lot of entrepreneurs are coming to Dubai to begin a business venture in the import and export business industry.

In Dubai, the Import and Export business license is the most sought-after company license category. This is because by putting up a business like this in the UAE, investors can facilitate International Trade. Along with this, this global business hub’s Import and Export business sector is thriving because the UAE is easy to start a business in, especially with the right support, it has a prime location as it is strategically placed between the continents of Asia, Europe, and Africa, making it easier for travel, it is hyper-connected globally by both air and water routes, and it also has a great time zone that allows for seamless coordination with countries in the East and West.

Obtaining an Import and Export Business License in Dubai, UAE

If you’re planning on establishing an Import-Export company in Dubai, UAE, you are required to apply for a trade license and register the import-export company in Dubai. The process requires you to apply with the Department of Economic Development (DED). Moreover, the Import and Export business must have a Commercial License and will be registered as a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

How much does an Import-Export License in Dubai Cost?

These fees are estimated values so they may vary, depending on your specific business requirements and operational activities. Moreover, the license fees also depend on the territory where the business will carry out the business, as each authority has a specific cost to obtain the license.

What Are the Documents Required to Get an Import-Export License in Dubai?

There are various documents that are required when you’re applying for an Import and Export business license in Dubai. Here are the following documents you should submit:

How to Get an Import Export Business License in Dubai

When you’re applying for an Import Export business license in the UAE, here are some of the following steps you must take:

  • Select the appropriate business activity from DED
  • Choose the right Legal Form (Business Structure)
  • Create or Select a Trade Name and Get it Approved by the DED
  • Apply for the Business’ Initial Approval from DED
  • Prepare and Sign the MOA or the LSA Agreement
  • Establish Your Business’ Location
  • Pay the Necessary Fees
  • Collect Your Company’s Trade License

Register with Dubai Customs

Registering with Dubai Customs must be done immediately after you have received your commercial trade license from the Economic Department. This is because Dubai Customs will provide you with your Customs Code that is allocated to each import and export company in Dubai, which they use each time the company ships goods and commodities.

Start An Import-Export Company in Dubai, UAE

Depending on your business activity, your new Import and Export endeavor in the trade industry of Dubai, UAE will require a lot of paperwork, certification, documentation, visas, permissions, etc. from the related authorities. With the help of company formation by Startup-N-Marketing, opening your Import and Export company in Dubai, UAE is made easier. Let us know how we can help. Get in touch with us.