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The Human Resources department is a vital component in every business, no matter how big or small. HR handles employee welfare, ensuring optimal work conditions for every member of the team. The department also oversees payroll, hiring and firing, and keeping the business in compliance with local laws and regulations.

Startup-n-marketing are market leaders in HR consultancy, providing flexible employee support to businesses trying to establish themselves in the United Arab Emirates.

How Startup-n-marketing HR Services Helps Your Business

Our services include an outsourced HR department, various consultancy packages, business support roles, along with ad-hoc services. This frees you to focus on setting up, developing your business, and gaining a foothold in the UAE market.

Establishing HR Policy

When smart HR policies are put in place, it becomes easier to manage employees and run organizations effectively. Startup-n-marketing can help your business develop customized HR policies that cover every part of the employment cycle, from recruitment to exit. Additionally, templates will be provided for all the necessary forms e.g. candidate evaluation forms, performance review forms, expense claims forms, leave application forms and so on.

Evaluating Employee Contracts

According to the country’s Labor Law and the Rules and Regulations of Free Zones, workers in the UAE must do so under the appropriate labor contract. Our services include drafting and assessing employee offer letters, evaluating labor contracts, and verifying adherence to the laid-down regulations.

Ensuring Compliance to UAE Labor Laws

All corporate organizations in the UAE are bound by UAE Labor Law and Regulations, and maximum compliance is mandatory. Startup-n-marketing offers consultancy services to businesses, providing answers to any questions they have regarding UAE legislation and issues like working hours, working hours during the Ramadan period, public holidays, contract termination and so on. We can also provide guidance vis-à-vis the distinctions between Free Zone and onshore laws, and the distinguishing features of the different Free Zones. We keep track of these legislations and keep our clients apprised of any changes.

Calculating End of Service Benefits in UAE

Employees in the UAE that worked with a company for a specified duration are entitled to an end of service gratuity. How the benefits are calculated depends on the employees’ contract type, how long they spent with the company, and whether they resigned or were dismissed. Our goal at Startup-n-marketing is to make the dismissal process and inexpensive as possible for our clients.

Providing Guidance for Visa Processing

If your business hires expats, they need valid employment visas to work legally within your organization. Startup-n-marketing assists with visa processing for offshore and Free Zone jurisdictions in the UAE.

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