How to Open a Retail Shop in Dubai, UAE

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There are a lot of retail shops in Dubai, and till date, the number is increasing greatly.  So, if you’re planning on establishing your retail shop in Dubai, you must know that doing so is a very advantageous move. Not only does it give you the chance to put up a start-up you’ve always dreamed of, but it also presents a significantly huge opportunity for growth.

However, before you go ahead and jump right into planning how you’ll run your business and upscale it so you could stand out from your competition in the UAE, there are some requirements that you should adhere to. Here are a few of the mandatory procedures you must go through and requirements that you need in order to open your dream start-up in Dubai, UAE:

Prepare the Required Documents

The paperwork required in order to open a retail shop in Dubai may vary depending on the type of business activities your company will have. The documents needed to register your retail shop business in Dubai, UAE may include the following:

  • A copy of the business owner’s Dubai residence visa
  • Copies of the passports of all the shareholders and managers of the business
  • The ownership deed or the lease agreement for the official site for the everyday operations of your retail business

Obtain Your Business License and Registration

Since you’re looking to open a company in Dubai in order to establish a retail shop, obtaining a UAE business trade license and other required certifications from the authorities is a must. The requirements and specific permits that you will have to get strictly depends on the types of products that your shop will sell.

Understand and Choose the Correct Business Jurisdiction

Establishing a retail shop in Dubai, UAE means that you should also take note and understand which jurisdiction your shop falls under. Whether you’re opening a store at Meena Bazaar or a retail shop situated in Dubai Mall, your business will be scrutinized under the terms of jurisdiction to ensure that it adheres to a proper shareholding structure in the UAE.

Your Store Location – On Rent

When opening a retail business, you must also consider your store location. Though it is the most sought-after option, renting a location for your shop has a lot of requirements as you will have to get a lot of permissions from the Dubai Municipality and other related authorities.

Establish Your Retail Store in Dubai

A lot of entrepreneurs are now starting their business endeavors in the UAE due to the endless growth opportunities that this place presents its investors and business owners, both local and foreign. Depending on the shareholding and jurisdiction, your new business endeavor in the retail sector of Dubai, UAE will require a lot of paperwork, certification, documentation, visas, permissions, etc. from the related authorities. With the help of company formation by Startup-N-Marketing, opening your dream start-up in Dubai, UAE is made easier. Let us know how we can help. Get in touch with us.