What Is SEO & How Does It Work?

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Most business owners in Dubai leverage SEO in order to boost their online presence and gain more business opportunities. At present, Google is the dominant search engine in Dubai and the UAE, so if you’re planning to utilize SEO for your business’ growth, it’s best to focus on optimization for Google. According to research, 60% of people search for a business online before they make a purchase; and 75% of them don’t go past Google’s first page results. So, if you’re aiming for more visibility, traffic, conversions, and revenue for your business, it’s high time that you start optimizing your site for SEO.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the techniques used in order to help pages rank higher in search engines such as Google. Since search is one of the main ways for people to discover content online, implementing SEO is very beneficial since it also helps pages gain more visibility, increase traffic to pages and websites, and get higher conversions and revenue.

How does SEO work?

SEO works by optimizing certain aspects of a website or webpage, that includes the web content, including thorough keyword research, and backlinks that helps boost visibility and ranking on the search engine results page. Moreover, since search engines use algorithms– also known as a set of rules that determine which pages to show for each search or query, there are several metrics that these search engine algorithms evaluate in order to determine a page or website’s quality and how it should rank on the SERP. These metrics include:


The links from other websites are essential when it comes to determining the ranking of your site on search engines. This is because a backlink can be considered as a vote of quality from other websites since website owners are unlikely to link to websites that have poor quality.

Website Content

Search engines analyze your website and determine if its content is relevant for a certain search query. This is why thorough keyword search is absolutely crucial before you create your content and place it on your website. It’s important to take note that creating high quality content that is targeted towards top-searched keywords is a large part of SEO and that it should be prioritized.

Page Structure

Websites are written in HTML, this the way the HTML code is structured has a direct impact on a search engine’s ability to evaluate a certain page. Moreover, it’s also essential to make sure that a site is crawlable and include relevant keywords in the title, URL, and headers of the website to improve SEO.

Now, SEO isn’t instant, but it does provide you fruitful results within months. It has two main goals: authority and traffic. Gaining more visibility and ranking higher on search engines work together in order to accomplish these two goals that leads to the success of a business online.

Build Authority and Increase Your Website Traffic

Building and implementing optimal SEO strategies for your website is vital when you’re planning to leverage SEO so it would benefit your business. If you’re looking for an SEO Agency based in Dubai, UAE to provide you high-quality SEO services that will help you build authority, drive organic traffic, increase your site’s profitability, and get you high conversion rates, reach out to us. Book a consultation with Startup-N-Marketing today.