Top digital marketing trends to consider for 2020

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Top digital marketing trends to consider for 2020
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If you are targeting growth in the year 2020 for your business, it’s very important for you to know the top digital marketing trends that you should be considering for this year. Investing some of your budget and your time into these trends could prove an excellent choice for the coming year. Here are some of the top trends that you should be watching out for this coming year:

Social influence:

Social media influencers are on the rise and these Internet celebrities are opening up their accounts to promote a wide range of products. Influencer marketing has become one of the most authentic forms of referrals. Nearly 92% of individuals trust the advice of their favourite influencers. Creating a media kit for social media influencers with a referral program could be a very lucrative idea for 2020 in your business.

Video advertising:

Video advertising reached a peak in the year 2019 and there are many more opportunities for advertising especially on streaming platforms. The top streaming platforms are now one of the best places to reach consumers of 13 years of age or older. Around 78% of the viewers on these platforms are watching their favourite streams with advertising turned on. Live videos, instagram live and twitch are all excellent platforms where you could introduce advertising and reach new audiences.

Building moments with your customers:

Moments such as social media stories or even sharing fun filters over applications have become a popular way to introduce new marketing techniques for your brand. If your brand can be a part of someone’s most special moments, it can give you a very sentimental and loyal level of connection. As you continue to build new moments for your customers, you can keep connecting with them on a more personal level.

Taking advantage of new tech:

New technology in the form of 5G and advancements in smart home technology allows many marketers to improve their abilities to engage with their customers. These types of advancements can transform the way that people are accessing content and allow for highly personalized experiences. New 5g technology is also changing the way that people regularly interact with their phones and the way that users interact with mobile data.

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